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Accelerate Your Business By Copying These 12 Hard-Earned Lessons

We know you’re busy. But are you Successful Business busy???

Or do you still spend too much time wondering what to focus on next, getting stuck in your to-do lists, or not feeling like you're making progress fast enough?
If you're willing to invest six to twelve hours (in less than one-hour increments) and just $67 (0r $37 - more about that later!), we can help you reach your next level of business success.
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Our Exclusive Lineup of Experts Share Their Most Transformative Lessons That They Had to Learn For Themselves, So You Don't Have To!

At your speed. On your timetable. At your convenience. Transform your business on weekends, in the evenings, early in the mornings, or whenever else you can! Easily to follow deep-dives, complete with simple exercises to turn their knowledge into your success.
Every one of our Expert's packs include...

✅ Clear and simple outlines of each transformative lesson

✅ Thoughtful exercises to translate each lesson into actionable insights for your own business

✅ Bonus exercises to hit the next level, and go beyond your goals

✅ Private video recordings of each conversation

✅ Audio-only recordings for on the go

Meet Your New, Personal Experts And What You'll Learn From Their 12 Reveal-All Lessons.

Know Your Customer Like Never Before, with Amy Radin

Amy is a fractional executive and an investor/advisor for small businesses. Her first career in the corporate world included executive positions with American Express, Citi and E*Trade. She is also the author of the award-winning book “The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation in Any Company”.

Hack Your Way to Marketing Gold, with Dr. Jason Miller

Jason had to invest heavily in himself and his business since most chiropractors aren’t given business training at schools. As a result of his own experience, he has made part of his business model a training ground for others in his field.

Invest In Yourself, Invest In Others, Strive For Balance, with Kelley Rider Goodwin

Kelley is an attorney with her own family law firm (Rider Goodwin Law) and more recently launched a platform for divorce in Colorado for individuals who can’t afford full representation, Untie The Knot.

Win Over Your Audience (And Your Team) With Authentic Responses To Major Public Movements (Like BLM), with Dave Karraker

“Video games, booze, and retail” summarize Dave's business career. Today he is head of PR of Communications with Sega, Skyy Vodka, and Martha Stewart but he is equally engrossed in helping companies navigate challenging business climates.

The Mother Of Marketing Reinvention, with Bonnie Bowles

Texan by birth, Colorado-based Bonnie built a successful Estate Planning legal office before venturing out to help other attorneys work out the technology and marketing stack for their businesses.

Attorney Bonnie Bowles is a whirlwind of practical advice about how winning new business using available technology and astute marketing principles.

Strap In, Listen Up, Smash The Fear Of Failure By Doing, with Pam Maass

Pam has dedicated her career to advocating for and protecting children and families. As a former Felony Deputy District Attorney, Pam saw firsthand the challenges families face in the legal system. Pam founded Law Mother to empower families by giving them a better approach to Estate Planning.

Not Finding Your Work / Life Balance Can Literally Kill You, with Brandon Ford

Brandon Ford, founder of TripHero (, worked his way from humble beginnings to an Ivy League education and a law degree, with a spell in the Marines along the way. Moving to Vail, Colorado, after losing his job in 2008, Brandon began working as a ski valet and witnessed firsthand the challenges people face when traveling with luggage and gear.

But Brandon’s frenetic pace at TripHero almost killed him. Fortunately, A FIRESIDE partner was meeting with him when the worst pains struck and convinced him to go to the ER!

Innovative Ways To Scale A Service Business, And Finding Your Own "Emily", with Nine Morrisson

Most beauty experts work in a salon or own one, following beauty school. But Nine knew she didn’t want to go either route. After thinking about other companies she could create, she realized there weren’t many options for bridal hair in Colorado. So, in 2015, Nine Morrison founded WedLocks.

Go BIG Or Go Home, Just Don't Screw Up the $$$, with Jeremy Jacobs

Jeremy Jacobs is the owner of Raise Bakery, a family-run business in Sussex, England, where they create mouthwatering cakes that embrace classic British influences while giving them an American twist. He loves food, especially cake. Jeremy was taught how to make the perfect sponge cake as a youngster, which gave him the start he needed to run a bakery.

Move Fast On Emerging Opportunities, Even In The World's Oldest City, with Zahi

Zahi is an accomplished entrepreneur and small business owner with a background in a completely different field. Zahi began working in healthcare IT, but his insight and vision led him to be the first guide on Airbnb Experiences in Morocco.

Born and raised in the 1,200-year-old city of Fez, Zahi is always excited to meet people from other countries. His career as a tour guide allows him to engage in an interchange of cultures and traditions with people from all over the world. Zahi walks visitors through time to discover the hidden secrets of Fez and its inspiring culture, food, locals, lifestyle, artisanal handicrafts, and more.

Become Your Own Story Hunter To Engage Your Audience Like Never Before, with Stefanie Jones

Stefanie Jones, Founder and President of FEED Media Public Relations and Marketing, operates in more than 25 regional markets from coast to coast. Her company’s clients are growth companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500. The company’s client list includes Microsoft, Noosa, the Ritz Carlton, and more. Stefanie has been running FEED for nearly two decades and has spent her career watching the PR industry change and grow.

Find And Remove The WRONG Revenue To Discover Real Growth, with Vanessa Shaw

Vanessa Shaw, CEO of Growth Academy and author of The Millionaire Mindset, is a “quintessential British woman living abroad” with a 21-year career at the United Nations. So, when did she start building a business in Scottsdale, AZ? Her amazing story helped her develop a unique way of looking at business that has transformed many lives for the better.
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So, there you have it:

our roster of entrepreneurial movers and shakers 

Let’s project forward to just a few weeks from now after you’ve dedicated as little as

12 hours and invested
just $67 (or $37!)…

  • How many of the above topics will have become a part of your internalized marching orders, even though you may have never heard of them, or seriously considered their significance before?
  • How much better do you believe you’ll be doing because of the mindset, systems, and processes that these enormously successful entrepreneurs have instilled in you? 
  • How did hearing or reading about these entrepreneurs bolster your sense of possibility and positivity about the ultimate attainment of your business goals?
  • ​How will you feel knowing that you’ve enhanced the wellbeing of your customers, clients, or patients by doing whatever it takes to make sure you can stay in business and continue to bless their socks off?
  • ​If you have a business, or if you plan to start one, this is your gateway to a wealth of information that far too many people have had to learn the hard way. These folks want to spare you the false missteps, the bad decisions, and the common hardships that cause too many other small business owners to throw in the towel.
  • ​You’ll still have obstacles to overcome, but you’ll have a firmer foundation and the encouragement of our expert's examples to call to mind instead of letting road blocks stop and defeat you.
And remember, every one of our Expert's packs include...

✅ Clear and simple outlines of each transformative lesson

✅ Thoughtful exercises to translate each lesson into actionable insights for your own business

✅ Bonus exercises to hit the next level, and go beyond your goals

✅ Private video recordings of each conversation

✅ Audio-only recordings for on the go

And here’s the cherry on top of your sundae:

Get a 100% credit!  

The same $67 (0r $37) that you invest today to lift your business to the next level can be used towards any of the small business marketing services we provide through FIRESIDE! (More in your welcome email!)

But Wait! There’s More! 
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[Option 1] Get our 12-part complete course for $67, all of which can be applied to any of our small business services within six months of completing your course. 

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We can’t figure out any other way to make this cutting-edge, contemporary course any more affordable for you than we are right now (without shooting ourselves in the foot). 


If you need to stop spending sleepless nights pacing the floor…

If you want to take your small business to the next level with the bold confidence that our expert's will instill in you…

If you know you want to be around next year and for as long as you want to remain in business to impress, cement and serve your customers, clients, or patients…

Jump aboard this train as it leaves the station, pick your destination, and invest $37 or $67 in your future NOW!

  • Yes, I want your 12-part complete course for $67, all of which can also be applied to any of your small business services within six months of completing the course.
  • Yes, I want your 12-part complete course for just $37, and I commit to following up with a 250-word or longer HONEST review and evaluation of how valuable your flagship/pilot course was to me, and fully $67 ($30 of it yours) can be applied to any of your small business services within six months of completing the course.

We help businesses like yours every day in a myriad of measurable ways, affordably.

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